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my name is Aaron Weinzierl - I'm married to Melanie, have 4 kids & I teach

Aaron Weinzierl's Bio:

Aaron & Melanie Weinzierl are the head staff of Get Whole, an organization that operates within Grace Christian Church as a non-profit, registered 501c3 organization.

Aaron Weinzierl has been involved in different areas of ministry since he was a child. His parents, Jerry and Joy Weinzierl, started pastoring when he was six and he became the church janitor at age twelve. Through the years he worked in just about every area of the church. Aaron and his wife Melanie were married in 1999 and have four children.

They returned to Grace after graduating from Rhema Bible Training Center in 2000. Aaron went back to his favorite job as the janitor for a year and then became the children’s minister with Melanie for seven years. Building the Media Department and producing the television show ‘Grace Today’ was his next area of ministry. While working in media, Aaron took over the young adult ministry for 3 years. All this diverse experience at Grace has brought Aaron & Melanie to their current full time ministry endeavor.

Aaron also performs many weddings through a local chapel - White House Wedding Chapel on 13 Mile and Mound in the city of Warren. From 2007-2012 Aaron started and opperated a photography & video memorial business - doing almost 700 videos and shooting close to 15 weddings and events. Lastly Aaron produces the current radio show heard weekdays on WMUZ FM 103.5 in the 10 am slot called Grace Today - this show has been very succesful and continues to help get the word out that Grace Christian Church is the place to be!

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enjoys teaching and public speaking - helping people learn and grow in their lives he loves marketing and fresh visual objects that get people's attention. he used to ski a lot. loves working with photos and video. enjoys his family, cat and Apple products. he also likes to read and learn new things and write articles and blips of information that help people in their search for answers to life's questions

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